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Decarbonization Solutions Research Analyst

The Decarbonization Solutions Research Analyst plays a key role in advancing Rappel’s mission to reduce carbon emissions. The research analyst’s responsibilities include identifying, managing, and analyzing data to develop effective decarbonization strategies for our customers. The ideal candidate will seamlessly liaise with both technical and customer-centric teams, possessing a passion for leveraging data to address challenges and a strong foundation in climate solutions.


Los Angeles or Oakland, hybrid working model



What You’ll Do

  • Manage independent workstreams to research, collect, analyze, and integrate new quantitative data on decarbonization levers and greenhouse gas accounting, reporting, and standards.

  • Build and maintain data pipelines for data cleaning and ingestion, integrating both customer-specific and external unstructured datasets into our modeling platform.

  • Collaborate with the decarbonization solutions and technical product teams to embed and enhance data monitoring, ensuring consistency and quality across models over time.

  • Transform existing energy, carbon, and engineering data sources to meet Rappel’s needs, and build new proprietary data sources for Rappel’s solutions.

  • Assess the quality and usability of multiple potential data sources and build logic for using prioritized sources.

  • Stay abreast of external trends and leverage modern technologies to solve business problems including but not limited to automation.

Who You are

  • A minimum of 1-3 years in a relevant field, showcasing a track record of researching and analyzing quantitative data, extracting insights, and informing business decisions.

  • Direct experience with greenhouse gas accounting principles and/or decarbonization action best practices (e.g., zero emission vehicles, energy efficiency, renewable energy)

  • Demonstrated ability to think analytically, coupled with an eye for detail. The candidate should also possess robust documentation skills, ensuring clarity and comprehension when detailing methodologies, tools, and databases.

  • Proactive in setting priorities, displaying initiative, and delivering results, even amidst changing requirements and challenges.

  • Thrives in a high performing team environment: clearly and confidently assert unique perspectives, proactively collaborate with team members, own individual workstreams while targeting and celebrating team success.

  • Experience with SQL, Python, and/or data visualization tools (e.g., Power BI, Tableau) is a plus.

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